Traumatized Humanity

KEY CONCEPT - Traumatized Humanity

The natural conclusion to the key concepts presented in the Planet Amnesia narrative, is that humanity suffers from symptoms arising out of trauma induced by catastrophic Earth changes.

My revelation in compiling such revisionist ancient history, is that there are clear answers to how culture developed and incorporated such profound experiences.

At the end of the day, the value of this Planet Amnesia inquiry into planets and plasma, gods and geology, catastrophes and cataclysms, is the impact on our personal lives. Science is stimulating and mythology is satisfyingly mysterious, but the real rewards are throwing off the shackles of mistaken belief and arriving at a better understanding of what is really going on.

If by way of recovering forgotten, controversial and discordant information we can shed some light on the origins of our belief systems and why we act out certain collective social behaviors, we will go a long way towards creating a human life more genuinely filled with happiness and meaning.

For me the task in these pages is to draw back the curtain and search for the origins of the collective dysfunction operating in the world today. Something is definitely amiss on this planet.

Clearly, humanity has created a cultural reality for itself through a built up series of reactions to events occurring over a long period of time.  Outside of the effects from basic physical survival issues and Earth changes inflicted upon us, we humans have made up much of our so-called psychological reality.  We weren’t programmed to war with each other, to enslave the vulnerable, to establish an elite that lorded over the masses.  These are all learned behaviors, everyone having colluded to create the end result.

Where did these troubled behaviors come from?  Or is this just what humans have always done, a type of animal instinct that fouls its nest on the way to Armageddon?

IMO, the answer is no.  Humans have led many different kinds of lives throughout Earth history.  In the Saturnian era, the situation was completely different. The reason we are clueless about this is that we are suffering amnesia and in the West, still walking around in a stupor under our new religion of scientism.  We are willing to readily believe the misinformation and lies that are the hallmark of modern society, because we erroneously believe we won’t have to face our troubled past.  We don’t want to encounter the possible immense cosmic indifference to our being. Instead we choose to surrender our intelligence to outmoded belief systems that promise us salvation from our fears.

The reason why we do this is that we have been traumatized and are suffering a collective amnesia.  Nothing has really been forgotten, but we have sublimated this memory and shoved it into the unconscious.  Despite this, there are clues everywhere.  Until we each break out of this numbed state of existence and see the old belief matrix for what it is, we will continue to sleepwalk through life.  This sleepwalking is killing us because it creates a vulnerability that others in our society are taking advantage of.  Most of us don’t even know it.

To back up a bit and wrap up this article, it is important to recall how we arrived at this juncture. If we agree that humans have experienced multiple Earth upheavals in era ending catastrophes, causing mayhem and death, terminating civilization, leaving humanity prostrate for generations afterwards, we see a basis for trauma.  If we also agree that a collective unconscious exists that never disappears or forgets, and that troubled memory gets driven underground towards it, we are halfway there.

The other half of our discovery is the symptoms of this condition, the distortions in behavior that rise to the surface despite their wholesale suppression.  This is classic psychology 101 and isn’t hard to understand.  It is the story of an abused person, of sequestering memory to avoid the pain of recall.  It is in the creation of split personality as a way to deal with the possibility of future surfacing of memory.  If the abuse were to happen again (more Earth cataclysm and fallout), the personality that was created to deal with the horrendous initial trauma emerges and is the one to re-experience it.  After the event subsides, the healthier personalities emerge.  The traumatized personality takes the abuse so the others don’t have to experience it, and hides out from them.  This traumatized personality becomes the hidden, dominant force that holds all the secrets, all the cards. It’s also the one that is the troublemaker, the one that easily destabilizes the others.  It is the one that needs to be continually suppressed lest it overwhelm the situation and create chaos, a condition similar to the initial trauma.

This is what we are dealing with on a collective basis today due to our ignorance of the past.  In this way we can talk about group social behaviors similar to the abused individual personality.

Where to go from here?  There are only two outcomes.  One is the path of self-destruction through further self-abasement, a continued ignorance that ends in an acute or chronic decline in quality of life.  This could also end in its own catastrophe, a mirror event of the original trauma.

The other outcome is a great healing.  First it starts with a recollection of past events, then a touching into the emotional content.  It evolves from there through the psychotherapeutic grief process. It is dealing with loss, with pain, with anger, with sadness. It is all these things and more.  This is what humanity has yet to deal with. Perhaps we may also be mourning the loss of a past golden age under Saturn, stricken by our proverbial Fall from grace that is remembered so obliquely in worldwide myths.

The healing comes from both our individual and collective recovery of our sovereign nature in its full knowingness, dispelling the forgetfulness, whether self-inflicted or by society. Once this happens, the rest takes care of itself.  We are on the path to getting healthier and no longer in the dark.

  1. Ken Carlson Reply

    Sounds quite reasonable. I can confirm the old hidden trauma which has been carried forward in the DNA. There are flower essences which can assist in dissolving the original cause and reaction. Come explore more.

  2. Ian McLellan Reply

    This is a simple explanation of an apparently complex global problem. However, the solution is simple and I agree with the authour. The current ruling elite may not welcome such a realization on a mass scale but i would hope that they will come to terms with it for their own benefit as well. I actually approve of a global elite in the current world, as I think that it prevents chaos. However, many of the responses and actions of these few people appear to be extreme, unevolved and very short-sighted, not to mention cruel and selfish. In other words, they are intelligent people as well (whether mammalian or reptilian or dinosauroid) and have a similar hill to climb with regards to confronting their own traumatized selves. But they need to cofront in order to advance.

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