The Electric Universe

KEY CONCEPT - The Electric Universe

In order to understand ancient history, it is imperative to understand past environmental conditions on Earth and in the sky.  The Electric Universe is a new scientific paradigm that is shedding important light on the workings of primary forces, namely electricity and plasma.  This paradigm is challenging the existing one based on gravity, with Einstein’s theory of relativity as a recent graft.  With the standard model we now have the big bang, dark matter, dark energy, and black holes to explain our universe, all non-observable mathematical constructs. Some say they are religious concepts and not provable by scientific method.

In contrast, the Electric Universe demonstrates that electricity, coupled with the fourth state of matter; plasma, is what drives the cosmos.

In example: The sun is not driven by an ongoing thermonuclear explosion, it is a body driven by galactic streams of energy, part of a vast electric circuit that concentrates intense electrical-plasma charges in the form of heat and light. Comets are not dirty snowballs of lightly accreted material, but are rocky objects that have their own electrical charge and interact with other electrical bodies when coming in close proximity. Craters on planets are rarely formed by asteroid strikes, but mostly caused by cataclysmic electric arc machining when a passing comet or planet interacts with intense electric discharges. The list goes on and on.

The importance of this new scientific understanding, beyond a much needed upgrade to current astrophysics, is the offering of a new perspective on what may have been going on in the ancient sky and on Earth.

To get a more thorough understanding of what the Electric Universe (EU) theory is all about, visit the web site:


EU theory is helping create an alternative view of the forces at work that once shaped Earth and humanity. Many of the unexplained catastrophes in Earth’s past can now take on new significance. Once we comprehend the extent and degree of these primal forces, we are able to open a window on the past that had previously been closed to us.

Without an understanding of the EU paradigm, there isn’t as strong a foundation for myth and culture studies explored elsewhere on this site. When the electric nature of the universe is taken into account, it leads to many startling revelations about ancient history. Many puzzling myths begin to make sense when we realize that great electric forces once played a dominant role on Earth and in the nearby heavens.  Some of these forces in the form of glowing, morphing plasma streams that ride electrical and magnetic currents likely provided astonishing celestial displays for our ancestors.

The next leap is the conclusion that the planets were once in closer proximity to Earth. This is a radical notion and outside of many academic circles today, but it has not always been so. Many scholars throughout history have pointed to evidence that the planets once had considerable influence over our lives. When we add the insight that humans clearly regarded their archaic gods to be planets, it gives credence to the fact that they were at one time more visible in the sky above, rather than the far away inconsequential pinpricks of light we see today.

And so it goes hand in glove, the revelations of worldwide myths alongside the emerging science of electricity-plasma, beginning to give us a new understanding of our past. This new paradigm is truly an astonishing development and is occurring outside of mainstream academia.  It is gathering steam as more and more people start to connect the dots and draw conclusions on their own.

Understanding the basic electrical nature of the cosmos doesn’t take high math or a degree in physics. It’s approachable by everyone.

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