The Age of Catastrophe

KEY CONCEPT - The Age of Catastrophe

The more one studies prehistory, the more one realizes the extent of catastrophic Earth events as a backdrop to human experience.  Mainstream science tends to minimize such findings, relegating them to familiar disruptions caused by earthquakes, volcanoes, lightning, super storms, and tsunamis.  These can be cataclysmic in impact, but do not reach the intensity of phenomena caused by interplanetary or exo-terrestrial fallout.  This is something that science is only beginning to address, and only at arm’s length by admitting that Earth may have long ago been bombarded by large asteroids or a comet that brought immense devastation.

What has been forgotten and denied is the extent to which the Earth has been rent in the last 12,000 years.  Beginning with the ‘end of the last ice age’ around 10,000 BCE, the incredible species die off of megafauna has been explained away as overhunting by humans, and the vast jumbled remains of crushed skeletons mixed with splintered wood debris deposited in impossibly huge island-size heaps as just random bone piles.  At every turn, signs of catastrophe are either minimized or passed over.

Why have we shut out evidence for a degree of devastation that could have only happened through an outside extraterrestrial agency? The results of planet-wide upheaval are everywhere we look, but because it doesn’t fit the paradigm of gradual, uniformitarian change, it can’t be acknowledged.

If we open our eyes to alternative theories on these kinds of change agents, we will quickly see that not only biological systems were greatly impacted, but that geological upheavals on a scale hitherto unimagined are likely to have happened. If we expand our evidence to interplanetary lightning strikes, toxic chemical ‘rains’, and electro-gravitational climate disruption caused by a passing planet or comet, we can envision an Earth under immense siege. With this input we can begin to piece together many of the great anomalies that littler the margins of science.

Heading down through history until the present day, we find many eras with mysterious endings and beginnings of human cultures.  These transitions were likely caused by fallout from Earth catastrophes.  We can see this in Egypt between the Old and Middle Kingdoms, the Middle and New Kingdoms, and perhaps the end of the New Kingdom.  Between the years of 800 and 685 BCE, 98% of the human population in the Mediterranean Basin died off as the Etruscan and Mycenean civilizations collapsed during the last period of Earth catastrophes caused by repeated close passes of the destructive god-planet Ares-Mars.

You can read about this incredible chapter of history in Alfred de Grazia’a book, The Iron Age of Mars:


Why isn’t this common knowledge?  Why has this been covered up, in this case by inventing the mysterious ‘Sea People’ who were responsible for the deaths of so many? How come all the vitrified hill top stone citadels and the meters upon meters of ashfall caused by intense burning sheets of electric fire are overlooked?  Is it because there is no explanation for this level of destruction?  The answer is yes.  As a species and as a culture we cannot yet accept that our current paradigm is based on a falsehood.

Welcome to Planet Amnesia, a place where willful ignorance reigns and denial is in full flower.

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