As Below; So Above

The well recognized phrase “As Above; so Below” was addressed in a previous post, pointing to the way humans projected meaning upon visual imagery and activity seen in the ancient sky, then reflecting or replicating what was observed onto the earthly realm.

The opposite expression, “As Below, So Above” is no less important in understanding how this process worked, because humanity strove to communicate with these projections in an effort to influence the course of events.

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What is Cultural Amnesia? – part 2

The previous post explored the role of cultural amnesia in sequestering historical memory of traumatic era ending earth catastrophes. Whether through denial by burying this memory, or through a less repressive process of sublimation in order to transmute it into a mythic narrative more palatable for recall, humanity continues to struggle to understand its collective past.

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What is Cultural Amnesia? – part 1

Initially referred to as Collective Amnesia by Velikovsky, and later heralded as Cultural Amnesia in 1974 at the famous University of Lethbridge conference, this term has a number of nuanced meanings. Velikovsky’s book, published posthumously as “Mankind in Amnesia,” offers the most well rounded understanding of this concept.

The central feature is a collective forgetting by a culture or cultures, a loss of memory on a grand scale.

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