The Purpose of this Web Site

This web site is dedicated to recovering memories of our human past through a study of science, mythology, and psychology. Much of this history is obscure and has been covered up by a process of acculturation, whereby archaic memories lose their context and in time become altered in meaning.  To build a clearer picture the original meaning must be sleuthed by comparing cross-cultural mythological evidence.

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Planet Amnesia Double Meaning

The term, Planet Amnesia has a double meaning. The first meaning can be found in substituting the term Planet Earth for Planet Amnesia, a place where the inhabitants have forgotten their origins, and no longer know how to read the clues that were laid down by their ancestors. We live in a fog, religions telling us one thing, science another.

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Welcome to Planet Amnesia

The memory of an ancient life on Earth is distant, but is recoverable. We can learn about it through studying the many cross-cultural myths about the origin of humanity. If we look with fresh eyes, we will see an extraordinary chapter of human history that few are aware of.

We must pick up the threads of archaic stories in order to understand the outlines of this history.

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