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Recovering the Lost World by Jno Cook

Jno Cook offers the most comprehensive and robust chronology of any of the Saturnian scholars. His opus, Recovering the Lost World, is a free web based book that is a MUST-READ for all students of Saturnian cosmology.  Cook goes where other scholars are reluctant to tread, and gives evidence for many catastrophic Earth changes.  He is very much in the tradition of Immanuel Velikovsky and Alfred de Grazia, but also draws from Dave Talbott’s Saturn complex, as well as Anthony Peratt’s discovery of the southern plasma column with its attendant ball plasmoids.

Cook is on the fringe of the more mainstream Saturnian views represented by Talbott, Cardona, and van der Sluijs, but this is because his work has not yet received a full public airing. Recovering the Lost World gets more yearly file hits than all the other “neo-velikovskian alternative cosmology” web sites combined, including SIS. And this despite the fact that it has never been promoted or advertised.

Exploring Cook’s web site and the evidence he brings to bear is a satisfying undertaking for anyone looking for a comprehensive picture of ancient Earth history.

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The Iron Age of Mars by Alfred de Grazia

From an Amazon review:

In this new and astonishing work, Alfred de Grazia discloses and analyzes the sudden, shattering and wholesale changes that rooted out the wonderful cultures at the end of the Bronze Age, ruined thousands of towns and reduced drastically their populations. There followed the terrible Iron Age, which only after centuries finally settled into the Classical Age and the Roman Empire. De Grazia details over fifty cases, some in considerable detail, of the destruction and recreation of famous places such as Troy, Athens, Thebes, Rome, Volsinium, Mycenae, Crete as well as Cyprus, Syria, Palestine, and ranges from the Caspian Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. He presents a startling portrait of the Planet-God Mars as the leading malefactor of the Age, with all its doppelgangers in various cultures.

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God’s Fire by Alfred de Grazia

From an Amazon review:

An awesome story of the most human of experiences, the birth and establishment of a great god. The Hebrew Exodus from Egypt is here viewed as a well-led, well-managed expedition, both aided and beset by horrendous natural conditions. Earth was in those days undergoing a devastating encounter with a comet. An abundance of evidence is presented to delineate, and also integrate, the various effects of this long-drawn-out cosmic catastrophe. Emanating from the comet-Earth interaction were multitudinous electrical phenomena, accepted in principle by modern science, but hitherto incredible as history. On center-stage in this dramatic setting looms the figure of Moses, who is made understandable by the psychiatric method of the Author, but at the same time is grandiose beyond analytic language in his achievements. A score of great inventions are shown to be of Moses, including the electric Ark of the Covenant and, the greatest of them all, Yahweh himself. God’s Fire is the literal nature of Yahweh.

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Cosmic Heretics by Alfred de Grazia

From an Amazon review:

Cosmic Heretics offers a stimulating first-hand account of the inner circle of Immanuel Velikovsky, an important point of view for anyone interested in the life of the author of Worlds in Collision.Prof. Michael D. Gordin, Princeton University (History of Science)”Alfred de Grazia was entering his forty-fourth year when he met self-styled cosmic heretic, Immanuel Velikovsky, who was already sixty-seven, and for the next twenty years a wide band of life’s spectrum was colored by their relationship. As with a love affair, all that happened in the beginning presaged what would happen later, stretched out on the scale of time, themes doubling back upon themselves, attractions and reservations never to be erased…As the winter days of 1962 became 1963 in Princeton, New Jersey, 08540 U.S.A., families and friends gathered into clusters like the last of the leaves, so that half-consciously and driven by eddies of customs and calendar, de Grazia saw more of his friends like Livio Catullus Stecchini and of his brother Sebastian. He did not know Velikovsky, and if he had been asked about him, he would have replied that he had never heard of him…

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Thunderbolts of the Gods

From an Amazon review:

Thunderbolts of the Gods introduces the reader to a former age of planetary instability and earthshaking electrical events, and offers a revolutionary synthesis of historical investigation and the newly discovered Electric Universe. Solar system cosmic upheaval occurred so recently as to have profoundly affected early human cultures, provoking incomprehensible myths, symbols, and commemorative practices. Through a synthesis of ancient testimony, high-energy plasma experiments, and space age discoveries, the authors bring the ancient world to life. If their hypothesis is correct, it will surely alter many paths of scientific investigation as well. The little-known study of powerful electrical discharges in plasma is a new and exciting development in plasma cosmology , with profound implication for space age astronomy. To advance their case, the authors present side-by-side comparisons of laboratory plasma experiments and globally recurring symbols of the ancient sky. The evidence, they report, shows an ancient obsession with extremely violent electrical discharge formations in the heavens. Thunderbolts of the Gods is packaged with the 65-minute DVD, Thunderbolts – The Tutorial. This film introduces you to the key themes of the theory, and includes interviews with the principal figures in Electric Universe research.

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The Electric Universe

This is a companion book to the above Thunderbolts of the Gods.  These two books from Dave Talbott and Wallace Thornhill, with contributions from their thunderbolts.info associates are the best print materials available from this organization. You can find similar material at their extensive web site: http://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/

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Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky

From an Amazon review:

With this book Immanuel Velikovsky first presented the revolutionary results of his 10-year-long interdisciplinary research to the public, founded modern catastrophism – based on eyewitness reports by our ancestors – shook the doctrine of uniformity of geology as well as Darwin’s theory of evolution, put our view of the history of our solar system, of the Earth and of humanity on a completely new basis – and caused an uproar that is still going on today. Worlds in Collision – written in a brilliant, easily understandable and entertaining style and full to the brim with precise information – can be considered one of the most important and most challenging books in the history of science. Not without reason was this book found open on Einstein’s desk after his death. For all those who have ever wondered about the evolution of the earth, the history of mankind, traditions, religions, mythology or just the world as it is today, Worlds in Collision is an absolute MUST-READ!

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Mankind in Amnesia by Immanuel Velikovsky

From an Amazon review:

Immanuel Velikovsky called this book the “fulfillment of his oath of Hippocrates – to serve humanity.” In this book he returns to his roots as a psychologist and psychoanalytical therapist, yet not with a single person as his patient but with humanity as a whole. After an extremely revealing overview of the foundations of the various psychoanalytical systems he makes the step into crowd psychology and reopens the case of Worlds in Collision from a totally different point of view: as a psychoanalytical case study. This way he shows that the blatant reactions to his theories (which are still going on today) have not been surprising but are actually inevitable from a psychological perspective – which equally holds for those who have defined our view of the world. At the same time he is able to reclassify the theories of Siegmund Freud and of C. G. Jung by finding a common basis for them. A journey through history, religion, mythology and art shows the overall range of the collective trauma and gives us – the patients – a message of extraordinary urgency and importance for the future.

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Earth in Upheaval by Immanuel Velikovsky

From an Amazon review:

In this epochal book, Immanuel Velikovsky, one of the great scientists of modern times, puts the complete histories of our Earth and of humanity on a new basis. He presents the results of his 10-year-long interdisciplinary research in an easily understandable, even entertaining manner. Inspite – or even because – of the disgraceful hostility, provoked by his theories, this book keeps being of ardent topicality, which in the light of recent scientific research is even growing. Earth in Upheaval – a very exactly investigated and easily understandable book – contains material that completely revolutionizes our view of the history of the earth. For all those who have ever wondered about the evolution of the earth, the formation of mountains and oceans, the origin of coal or fossils, the question of the ice ages and the history of animal and plant species, Earth in Upheaval is a MUST-READ!

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Memories and Visions of Paradise by Richard Heinberg

From an Amazon review:

Heinberg explores the realms of myth and prophecy in line with Eliade and Campbell’s exploration of mythical dreams, linking them to a state of recollection of infancy, or an accidental meditation through a near-death-experience. This lost homeland is of a far forgotten civilization, a blissful dream before the emergence of civilization. Heinberg mentions that he often encounters the idea that it’s psychologically and philosophically wrongheaded to look back to an imaginary time in the past when life was somehow better. If we are to imagine any paradise, at all, we should locate it in the future, not the past. However he proposes that this thinking methodology is linked to modernism. Industrial civilization and its ethos led to disapproval of the paradise myth located in the universal, ancient belief of a lost Golden Age, and instead came up with the idea of continual progress from a primitive origins. Among traditional peoples, the paradise myth appears to implant a feeling of security and stability; it is perhaps the cultural equivalent of the memory of loving parents and a happy childhood. The human evolution from barbarism may well serve the purposes of a material civilization that continually destroys social bonds in order to rebuild a society that serves the interests of a capitalist elite.

Predicting the Past An Exploration of Myth, Science, and Prehistory
Predicting the Past: An Exploration of Myth, Science, and Prehistory by Roger Williams Wescott

This stimulating book by Roger Williams Wescott is one of my favorites. Wescott was an etymologist, so had an excellent grasp of the spoken and written word. Through this academic discipline he found evidence of a world vastly different than our own. His recall and visions of Paradise as a place located in history is heartfelt.  You can better purchase this book through Mikamar Publications.


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God Star by Dwardu Cardona

The first of four books from Cardona on Saturnian cosmology.  This author has been investigating the role of Saturn for many years in parallel to Dave Talbott’s efforts. Both of these scholars were once students of Velikovsky.  This book and three follow up volumes can be purchased from Mikamar Publications:  http://www.mikamar.biz/thunderbolts-product.htm

Traditional Cosmology by Marinus Van Der Sluijs

There are four books in a series by Marinus Van Der Sluijs entitled “The Global Mythology of Cosmic Creation and Destruction.”  This author has recently done extensive research on worldwide myths that point to the existence of the northern plasma column, one of his favorite subjects. His methodology is meticulous, and he cites numerous examples as he builds his case. You can purchase his books through the web publisher Lulu.

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The Many Faces of Venus by Ev Cochrane

This is one of a four volume series of books about the myths of Mars and Venus.  Cochrane has worked closely with Dave Talbott over the years, as well as Dwardu Cardona.  He has done many cross cultural studies to uncover the uncanny parallel mythologies of indigenous people.  His conclusions are satisfying to those looking for evidence for a revolutionary planetary history that has remained hidden until now. You can buy these four books directly from Cochrane at ev@icsmail.net