the gods

Religion and the Astral Bodies

“In the first century before the common era, the Greek historian Diodorus of Sicily, after recording that the Chaldeans asserted that the planets change their velocities and periods of time, says: “These stars exert the greatest influence for both good and evil upon the nativity of men; and it is chiefly from the nature of these planets and the study of them that they know what is in store for mankind.””<

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The Image of God

In a previous post we explored how and why early priest-kings developed a theatrical event with a sacrificial victim or victims as its centerpiece. We also heard of the astonishin

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Aristotle and the Tragedies

The Greeks and the Romans loved their tragedies evoked in theatrical plays. Those plays that became popular revealed much about the people that watched them, as it did the individual who wrote them.

What was it that captured the imagination of the people?

These tragedies are clearly associated with previous Age of Catastrophe theatrical displays, what I have referred to as Read More

Blood Sacrifice in the Age of Catastrophe

Gunnar Heinsohn, in his excellent book, “The Creation of the Gods,” translated from German by Anne-Marie deGrazia, is full of insights on the significance of Bronze Age blood sacrifices, a profound mystery to this day. In this article, I use the term

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