Homo Schizo

Homo Schizo or Homo Schizotypus is a term that Alfred de Grazia appreciated and used to describe the current human species, feeling it more apt than Homo Sapiens. He wrote about this phenomenon in two books, Homo Schizo I and Homo Schiz

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Traumatized Humanity

The natural conclusion to the key concepts presented in the Planet Amnesia narrative, is that humanity suffers from symptoms arising out of trauma induced by catastrophic Earth changes.

My revelation in compiling such revisionist ancient history, is that there are clear answers to how culture developed and incorporated such profound experiences.

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Quantavolution is a word coined by Alfred de Grazia, an important scholar who has written many books on a revised telling of ancient planetary history. In the modern era he is second only to Immanuel Velikovsky in significance. De Grazia has thankfully built many of his theories atop Velikovsky’s, correcting some along the way and elaborating upon others.

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Catastrophic Geology

Today we are locked into an understanding of Earth history that says geologic processes are primarily gradual and uniform. We are educated to believe that mountains took millennia to uplift, that large canyons were formed by slow, steady erosion, and that quartz, petrified wood and other fossilized substances were compressed and crystallized over many thousands, if not millions of years.

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