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Johnny Godowski – EU 2017 Thunderbolts conference

Due to popular demand, Johnny held a separate viewing of his material after his main hall talk at EU 2017 Thunderbolts conference, August 19. This is a video of the second half of his talk in the breakout room.


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Jno Cook – ‘Recovering the Lost World’ – part II

Jno Cook has completed a three volume series entitled, “Recovering the Lost World,” a print edition that can be purchased from Amazon here. These volumes can also be read for free on hi

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Toronto conference at the Gladstone Hotel – May 16-19, 2016 —– “CELESTIAL CRISIS AND THE HUMAN RECORD”

Planet Amnesia Productions announces an upcoming conference in Toronto at the Gladstone Hotel, May 16-19, 2016 named, “CELESTIAL CRISIS AND THE HUMAN RECORD.”

The focus is Catastrophism, the study of abrupt, celestially induced earth changes occurring in mankind’s historical past. We will explore how these events impacted the physical earth and drove human cultural expression.

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