Johnny Godowski – EU 2017 Thunderbolts conference

Due to popular demand, Johnny held a separate viewing of his material after his main hall talk at EU 2017 Thunderbolts conference, August 19. This is a video of the second half of his talk in the breakout room.


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Bolides, Comets, or Planets?

One of the biggest schisms among catastrophists is the disagreement on the identification of celestial culprits that caused earth catastrophes. Barring solar outbursts and exploding supernovas, this means planets, comets or a class of rocky bodies careening through the earth’s atmosphere called bolides. Astronomers regard bolides as flaming meteors, while Geologists classify bolides as anything from meteors to ast

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Toronto Conference Goals

The upcoming “Celestial Crisis and the Human Record” Toronto conference will offer an interpretation of ancient history that mainstream academia refuses to explore.

Its central tenet is that the earth, its biosphere, and human culture have been profoundly impacted by forces emanating from the sky. Tho

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As Below; So Above

The well recognized phrase “As Above; so Below” was addressed in a previous post, pointing to the way humans projected meaning upon visual imagery and activity seen in the ancient sky, then reflecting or replicating what was observed onto the earthly realm.

The opposite expression, “As Below, So Above” is no less important in unde

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What Makes a Religious Age?

“Fear made the first gods of the world, wrote the Roman, Statius (45 to 96 AD). In the long history of religion it is the only theory to come close to the truth. Everything seemed capable of turning into a god; hence gods were in everything. They controlled everything, it appeared, but were unaccountable and did both the expected and the unexpected.”

The above quote is from Alfred deGrazia, from hi

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