key concept

Traumatized Humanity

The natural conclusion to the key concepts presented in the Planet Amnesia narrative, is that humanity suffers from symptoms arising out of trauma induced by catastrophic Earth changes.

My revelation in compiling such revisionist ancient history, is that there are clear answers to how culture developed and incorporated such profound experiences.

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Saturnian Cosmology

Central to a reconstruction of ancient planetary history is the acknowledgement of the primacy of the planet Saturn. This has come about through comparative mythology studies, and in modern times has been promulgated by Dave Talbott in his book, The Saturn Myth, published in 1980. This important detective work and its later iterations by other scholars have furthered an understanding of a planetary arrangement com

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The Electric Universe

In order to understand ancient history, it is imperative to understand past environmental conditions on Earth and in the sky.  The Electric Universe is a new scientific paradigm that is shedding important light on the workings of primary forces, namely electricity and plasma.  This paradigm is challenging the existing one based on gravity, with Einstein’s theory of relativity as a recent graft. 

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Quantavolution is a word coined by Alfred de Grazia, an important scholar who has written many books on a revised telling of ancient planetary history. In the modern era he is second only to Immanuel Velikovsky in significance. De Grazia has thankfully built many of his theories atop Velikovsky’s, correcting some along the way and elaborating upon others.

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Planets as Gods

One of the more important insights coming out of a deeper inquiry of ancient history is the phenomenon of gods and how they arose in the mind of humanity.  It is a subject that most people take for granted, shrouded as it is in long ago mysterious origins.  Our modern religion of scientism discounts the whole affair as just a big misunderstanding, some kind of superstition that arose in deluded primitive men to ex

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