Bolides, Comets, or Planets?

One of the biggest schisms among catastrophists is the disagreement on the identification of celestial culprits that caused earth catastrophes. Barring solar outbursts and exploding supernovas, this means planets, comets or a class of rocky bodies careening through the earth’s atmosphere called bolides. Astronomers regard bolides as flaming meteors, while Geologists classify bolides as anything from meteors to ast

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Toronto Conference Goals

The upcoming “Celestial Crisis and the Human Record” Toronto conference will offer an interpretation of ancient history that mainstream academia refuses to explore.

Its central tenet is that the earth, its biosphere, and human culture have been profoundly impacted by forces emanating from the sky. Tho

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The Electric Universe

In order to understand ancient history, it is imperative to understand past environmental conditions on Earth and in the sky.  The Electric Universe is a new scientific paradigm that is shedding important light on the workings of primary forces, namely electricity and plasma.  This paradigm is challenging the existing one based on gravity, with Einstein’s theory of relativity as a recent graft. 

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Catastrophic Geology

Today we are locked into an understanding of Earth history that says geologic processes are primarily gradual and uniform. We are educated to believe that mountains took millennia to uplift, that large canyons were formed by slow, steady erosion, and that quartz, petrified wood and other fossilized substances were compressed and crystallized over many thousands, if not millions of years.

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Petroglyph Plasma Apparitions

One of the more in-your-face insights available in reconstructing planetary history is the evidence of painted or rock chiseled petroglyphs. These quaint and sometimes spooky images are found all over the world.  They vary from squiggly abstract circles, to human and animal-like stick figures, to wavy lines, and just about everything in between. 

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