As Above; So Below

KEY CONCEPT - As Above; So Below

The significance of As Above; So Below lies in the deeply rooted human habit of wanting to replicate forms or images seen in nature. We observe such objects and if they are significant enough, we then want to acknowledge them by recording them. Through this we hope to arrive at an understanding of what they are.  It’s a fairly simple concept.  It’s almost at grade school level. It’s our way of engaging with the world by grappling with profound things we witness and trying to integrate them into our lives. You could say that this is the path of the artist, wanting to represent her world by drawing and molding images, or verbally by telling a story. The art created is thus both a simple recordation, and an interpretation. Further along the path it becomes a type of self-reflection. Looking at it through a Freudian perspective, it becomes a projection. The observation has been interpreted through the filter of the self, which is also a commentary about the culture that one is embedded in.

This is one of the more basic formulas of our human nature. We actually feel compelled to undertake this artistry, because we want to be engaged with the world in order to make sense of things and to find a security in it.  The desire for meaning and relevancy is great.

This is a key concept behind the Planet Amnesia story, because it speaks to how we humans looked to the ancient sky and once found meaning there.  What we observed above us then got recorded below on Earth. The clues are all around us, but we haven’t yet properly awakened to what was going on in the heavens only a few thousand years ago. Some of these recorded observations were fairly simple representations such as petroglyphs etched or painted on rock.

We saw many forms in the sky over the millennia; shapes such as streams, columns, beads, and various fractal complexities caused by morphing electricity-plasma that continually evolved in response to changing planetary electrical field conditions.  Depending on the intensity of ongoing electrical discharges these apparitions glowed, pulsed and weaved about.  In the weakest ‘dark mode’ condition, they disappear to human eyesight as the activity drops below visual light frequency. In extreme agitation, the plasma can go into arc mode and begin spitting out lightning bolts and extreme radiation. This stage of intensity in plasma discharge is the origin of the widespread imagery of the fire-breathing dragon that is found nowhere else in nature.

Such forms can actually be replicated in the plasma laboratory, so this is not just a fantasy recreation.

Looking beyond the simple drawing of images as a recording of awesome celestial displays, we can understand the term As Above; So Below with more complexity. This involves the further elaboration of interpretation and the assignment of meaning.  The images witnessed and the changes they went through made it feel that a type of story was continually unfolding.  The profundity was great, because the plasma apparitions and the planets themselves were incredibly compelling in their exotic behavior.  Since we are naturally anthropomorphic, much of what we witnessed got interpreted in forms and behaviors that we could approach in understanding.  Our ancestors never dealt with abstract symbols, they were dealing with visceral representation.

So compelling was the experience, that we assigned god status to any planets that had an influence over us. The plasma forms were ancillary figures in this drama and were for the most part not given independent agency.

We therefore watched and learned and developed various responses to the goings-on in the heavens.  During the Saturn era we took in the benevolence of our stable god-sun above the North Pole that gave the planet abundance, but in the later Age of Catastrophe we developed a completely different notion of gods as wrathful destroyers that we needed to placate.

In order to take charge and make sense of our bewildering cosmos, we gave meaning to all that we saw.  We observed the powers around and above us, wanting to be co-creators with whoever or whatever was impacting our lives.  Thus we built temples laid out in mirror image of the stars and planets above, erected pyramids in monolithic geometric forms that we saw in the sky, designed royal garb in familiar shapes, made up letters, built henges and barrows, all a reverberation of what we saw above us.

This is important to understand and to try and imagine the emotional impact from the awe inspiring and often terrifying activity of these great powers above us. We had our eyes glued to the sky though much of our history, on careful watch for signs and signals.  We neglected nothing above us.  Anything new and dramatic to come along shifted the always developing mythology; a new god, a new power, a new relationship between gods, and more significantly a new relationship between man and his god-projections.

This is how humans learned about themselves and worked to establish a self-reflection.  It made us who we are today.  If the planet-god made war and wiped human populations off the face of the Earth, so too could competing civilizations wantonly destroy each other.  If planetary gods threatened our existence periodically during their close flybys, we could petition them for leniency by offering a few more human sacrifices, thereby further perpetuating a feared priesthood that propped up the state that was ostensibly there for our protection.  There’s no end to the crazy stuff we learned via the gods; we’ve had it all, from abject fear to deep rapture, from full spectrum dominance in a depraved slavery system to the greatest acts of kindness and communion in the previous Saturnian era.

We crazed humans are still living under inherited ‘programs’ that no longer serve us.  We need to recall how our cultures developed, how we learned from and were patterned by bewildering cosmic events.  We have forgotten how all this came into being.  If we can recover these memories we will begin to see that we have choices, because we are no longer living in the Age of Earth Catastrophes, bouncing around in fear for our survival caused by the wrath of unforgiving gods.  We can leave our bad habits and compulsions behind, and finally grow up.  We are on the Freudian couch now, beginning to learn that our projections are just that, and that our god-therapist isn’t an ogre who we are in a power struggle with as previously imagined, but is just somebody in our constellation that is helping us wake up to ourselves and our current condition.

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