PINDAR’S WISDOM: Terror at the Edge, Victory Joy at the Center

Bill Mullen’s paper presented at the 2016 Toronto conference:

“Promptly emplaced [in this first homo schizo], was an acute sense of time, of history, and the future.” Alfred deGrazia, Homo Schizo Vol. 1

Unusually for a catastrophist conference, perhaps, I propose we look to a poet, the Theban lyric poet Pindar (c.

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Jno Cook – ‘Recovering the Lost World’ – part II

Jno Cook has completed a three volume series entitled, “Recovering the Lost World,” a print edition that can be purchased from Amazon here. These volumes can also be read for free on his web site: http://saturniancosmology.org/

Read part 1 in this blog for further background on Jno Cook’s work. In this part II Cook presents highlights of his text from his presentation at the 2016 Toronto conference.

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