Jno Cook – ‘Recovering the Lost World’ – part II

Jno Cook has completed a three volume series entitled, “Recovering the Lost World,” a print edition that can be purchased from Amazon here. These volumes can also be read for free on his web site: http://saturniancosmology.org/

Read part 1 in this blog for further background on Jno Cook’s work. In this part II Cook presents highlights of his text from his presentation at the 2016 Toronto conference.

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The Sublimation of Catastrophic Memory

I have been invited to give a talk at the 2017 Electric Universe conference. A synopsis:

An exploration into Immanuel Velikovsky’s cultural or collective amnesia theory, understood as a repressive defense against fearful catastrophic memories, a type of collective PTSD. Alongside amnesia is the more healthy sublimation process as described by Irving Wolfe and Alfred deGrazia; not the repression of memory, but the re-working of disturbing memory into something less harmful, creating a new narrative that has a positive spin and sometimes a new outcome.

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Bolides, Comets, or Planets?

One of the biggest schisms among catastrophists is the disagreement on the identification of celestial culprits that caused earth catastrophes. Barring solar outbursts and exploding supernovas, this means planets, comets or a class of rocky bodies careening through the earth’s atmosphere called bolides. Astronomers regard bolides as flaming meteors, while Geologists classify bolides as anything from meteors to asteroids, as long as they impact the earth’s surface.

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